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Race Date GR RC Dist. S Winner Trainer Wt
Endine S 05/09/2009 G3 Del 1200 D BOLD UNION (USA) K. Breen 53
Long Branch BC S 15/07/2006 G3 Mth 1700 D PRAYING FOR CASH (USA) K. Breen 53
Philips H Iselin H 28/08/2005 G2 Mth 1800 D WEST VIRGINIA (USA) T. Pletcher 52
Eatontown H 03/07/2005 G3 Mth 1700 T SMART N CLASSY (USA) J. Tammaro 52
Red Bank H 28/05/2005 G3 Mth 1600 T AMERICAN FREEDOM (USA) J. Woodington 52
Salvator Mile H 26/07/2003 G3 Mth 1600 D VINEMEISTER (USA) A. Seewald 51,5
United Nations H 05/07/2003 G1 Mth 2200 T BALTO STAR (USA) T. Pletcher 53
Cotilllon H 05/10/2002 G2 Pha 1700 D SMOK'N FROLIC (USA) T. Pletcher 53,5
Philips H Iselin H 18/08/2002 G2 Mth 1800 D CAT'S AT HOME (USA) 52,5
Canadian Turf H 23/02/2002 L GP 1700 T NORTH EAST BOUND (USA) W. Perry 52,5
Maker's Mark Mile H 13/04/2001 G2 Kee 1600 T NORTH EAST BOUND (USA) W. Perry 54,5
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