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Race Date GR RC Dist. S Winner Trainer Wt
Grosser Preis von Baden 06/09/2015 G1 Baden-Baden 2400 T PRINCE GIBRALTAR (FR) J.C. Rouget 60
Ris-Orangis 05/07/2015 G3 Deauville 1200 T SON CESIO (FR) H-A. Pantall 57
Bois 30/06/2014 G3 Chantilly 1000 T GOKEN (FR) H-A. Pantall 56
Gros-Chene 01/06/2014 G2 Chantilly 1000 T RANGALI (GB) H-A. Pantall 55
Penelope 15/04/2014 G3 Saint-Cloud 2100 T GOLDY ESPONY (FR) H-A. Pantall 57
German Tote 29/09/2013 G3 Hannover 2200 T FITFUL SKIES (IRE) H-A. Pantall 59
Arenberg 10/09/2013 G3 Chantilly 1100 T THIS TIME (FR) H-A. Pantall 54,5
Internasyonal Topkapi Trophy 07/09/2013 G3 Veliefendi 1600 T BEATRICE (GB) H-A. Pantall 57
Grand Prix de Deauville 25/08/2013 G2 Deauville 2500 T TRES BLUE (IRE) H-A. Pantall 53,5
Reux 04/08/2013 G3 Deauville 2500 T TRES BLUE (IRE) H-A. Pantall 56
Mehl-Mülhens-Rennen German 20/05/2013 G2 Colonia 1600 T PEACE AT LAST (IRE) H-A. Pantall 58
Schwarzgold-Rennen (Diana 05/05/2013 G2 Colonia 2200 T BEATRICE (GB) H-A. Pantall 58
Baden Racing Stuten-Preis 01/09/2012 G3 Baden-Baden 2200 T PAGERA (FR) H-A. Pantall 59,5
Goldene Peitsche 29/08/2010 G2 Baden-Baden 1200 T AMICO FRITZ (GER) H-A. Pantall 59
Benazet-Rennen 06/06/2010 G3 Baden-Baden 1200 T AMICO FRITZ (GER) H-A. Pantall 58
Swiss Derby 21/06/2009 L Frauenfeld 2400 T DUBAI ROSE (GB) H-A. Pantall 58
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