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Race Date GR RC Dist. S Winner Trainer Wt
Ruffian H 04/05/2024 G2 Bel 1600 D SOUL OF AN ANGEL (USA) S.A. Joseph Jr 53,5
Sheepshead Bay H 06/05/2022 G2 Bel 2200 T VIRGINIA JOY (GER) C.C. Brown
Sheepshead Bay H 01/05/2021 G2 Bel 2200 T MAGIC ATTITUDE (GB) A. Delacour
Gotham S 06/03/2021 G3 Aqu 1600 D WEYBURN (CAN) J. Jerkens
Barbara Fritchie H 15/02/2020 G2 Lrl 1400 D MAJESTIC REASON (USA) H.G. Motion
General George H 16/02/2019 G2 Lrl 1400 D UNCONTESTED (USA) J. Patterson
Turnback the Alarm H 03/11/2018 G3 Bel 1700 .Desconocido TERESA Z (USA) A. Margotta Jr.
Tom Fool H 10/03/2018 G3 Aqu 1200 D SKYLER'S SCRAMJET (USA) Michelle Nevin
Withers S 28/01/2017 G3 Aqu 1700 D EL AREEB (USA) C.A. Lynch
Commonwealth Cup S 24/09/2016 G2 Lrl 1600 T BLACKTYPE (FR) C. Clement 554,5
Boiling Springs BC S 26/07/2016 G3 Mth 1800 T TIN TYPE GAL (USA) H. G. Motion 53,5
Violet H 29/08/2015 G3 Mth 1800 T PHOTO CALL (IRE) H.G. Motion 52,5
Jersey Shore BC S 25/07/2015 G3 Mth 1200 D HEBBRONVILLE (USA) L. Whiting 52,5
Boiling Springs BC S 01/09/2014 G3 Mth 1800 T MUNIRAH (USA) H.G. Motion 52,5
Delaware Oaks 05/07/2014 G2 Del 1700 D FORTUNE PEARL (USA) H.G. Motion 52,5
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