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Race Date GR RC Dist. S Winner Trainer Wt
Cliff Hanger H 24/08/2014 G3 Mth 1800 T WINNING CAUSE (USA) T. Pletcher 53
Red Bank H 17/05/2014 G3 Mth 1600 T HARD ENOUGH (USA) B. Dibona 52,5
Arlington-Washington Lassie S 07/09/2013 G3 AP 1600 D SHE'S OFFLEE GOOD (USA) R. Scherer 53
Matriarch S 25/11/2012 G1 Hol 1600 T BETTER LUCKY (USA) T. Albertrani 54
Bold Ruler H 27/10/2012 G3 Bel 1200 D BUFFUM (USA) T. Albertrani 52
Queens County H 11/12/2010 G3 Aqu 1900 D MORE THAN A REASON (USA) R. Persaud 53
Athenia H 16/10/2010 G3 Bel 1700 T EYE OF TAURUS (USA) K. McLaughlin 54,5
Calder Derby 17/10/2009 G3 Crc 1800 T SAL THE BARBER (USA) C. Clement 53
Violet H 10/10/2009 G3 MED 1700 T ALWAYS FOR LOVE (USA) C. McGaughey 53
Jersey Shore BC S 05/07/2009 G3 Mth 1200 D CUSTOM FOR CARLOS (USA) E. Kenneally 53
Comely S 11/04/2009 G2 Aqu 1600 D DREAM PLAY (USA) K. McLaughlin 53,5
Ohio Derby 03/04/2009 G2 TDN 1800 D GONE ASTRAY (USA) C. McGaughey 55
United Nations H 05/07/2008 G1 Mth 2200 T PRESIOUS PASSION (USA) M. Hartmann 53,5
Bonnie Miss S 29/03/2008 G2 GP 1800 D SHES ALL ELTISH (USA) M. Wolfson 53,5
La Prevoyante H 15/12/2007 G2 Crc 2400 T REDASPEN (USA) R. Baker 52
Diana H 28/07/2007 G2 Sar 1800 T MY TYPHOON (IRE) W. Mott 54,5
Comely S 14/04/2007 G2 Aqu 1600 D THE NHT DEGREE (USA) E.C. Caramori 53,5
Jenny Wiley S 14/04/2007 G3 OP 1700 T MY TYPHOON (IRE) W. Mott 54
Apple Blossom H 07/04/2007 G1 OP 1700 D EXCHANGE RATE (USA) R. Werner 52,5
Kenny Noe Jr H 16/12/2006 G3 Crc 1400 D WEIGELIA (USA) M. Trombetta 53
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