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Race Date GR RC Dist. S Winner Trainer Wt
Phoenix BC S 07/10/2016 G3 Kee 1200 D A P INDIAN (USA) A. Delacour 56,5
Monmouth Cup H 31/07/2016 G2 Mth 1700 D BRADESTER (USA) E. Kenneally 55
Matchmaker H 31/07/2016 G3 Mth 1800 T ITSONLYACTINGDAD (USA) T. Pletcher 52,5
Red Bank H 05/06/2016 G3 Mth 1600 T MIDDLEBURG (USA) C. Clement 52,5
Vinery Madison 09/04/2016 G1 Kee 1400 D SHEER DRAMA (USA) D. Fawkes 53,5
Shakertown S 09/04/2016 G3 Kee 1100 T UNDRAFTED (USA) W. Ward 54,5
Pan American H 02/04/2016 G2 GP 2400 T KAIGUN (CAN) M. Casse 54
Razorback H 19/03/2016 G3 OP 1700 D UPSTART (USA) R. Violette 54,5
Futurity S 17/10/2015 G2 Bel 1200 D ANNUAL REPORT (USA) K. McLaughlin 53,5
Champagne S 03/10/2015 G1 Bel 1700 D GREENPOINTCRUSADER (USA) D. Schettino 55,5
Turf Classic Invitational S 26/09/2015 G1 Bel 2400 T BIG BLUE KITTEN (USA) C.C. Brown 57
Summer S 12/09/2015 G3 Wo 1600 T CONQUEST DADDYO (CAN) M. Casse 55,5
Boiling Springs BC S 05/09/2015 G3 Mth 1800 T STRICT COMPLIANCE (USA) C.C. Brown 54,5
Personal Ensign H 29/08/2015 G1 Sar 1800 D SHEER DRAMA (USA) D. Fawkes 55
Cliff Hanger H 23/08/2015 G3 Mth 1800 T MIDDLEBURG (USA) C. Clement 52,5
West Virginia Derby 01/08/2015 G2 MNR 1800 T MADEFROMLUCKY (USA) T. Pletcher 55,5
Delaware H 18/07/2015 G1 Del 2000 D SHEER DRAMA (USA) D. Fawkes 53,5
United Nations H 05/07/2015 G1 Mth 2200 T BIG BLUE KITTEN (USA) C.C. Brown 53,5
Fort Marcy H 02/05/2015 G3 BM 1800 T BIG BLUE KITTEN (USA) C.C. Brown 54
Westchester H 02/05/2015 G3 Bel 1600 D TONALIST (USA) C. Clement 56
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